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Bella Hadid, Gigi Hadid And Kendall Jenner ‘Are All Photographers Now’, And People Are Pissed

W Magazine has claimed Bella Hadid, Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner “are all photographers now”, and some people aren’t happy about it. The publication enlisted Bella to shoot her first major editorial over the summer, Gigi was hired to take polaroids for V Magazine, and Kendall Jenner is set to photograph models for Love magazine’s…


Mum Invents Revolutionary New Basket Cot To Care For Daughter With Down’s Syndrome

Any new mother bringing her baby home wants to wrap them up in cotton wool and ensure they’re comfortable, safe and loved. But for Sinead Murphy, 37, this was even more important. Murphy’s daughter Rose, now nine, has Down’s syndrome. Days after Rose was born she began to have problems breathing and spent a week in intensive…


‘Andys Man Club’: The Male Suicide Prevention Group Smashing Stigma And Proving #ItsOkayToTalk

Earlier this year, on a Monday night in April, Luke Ambler’s brother-in-law Andy Roberts took his own life. Ambler and his family were left devastated by the news. Two days before, Roberts had been at Ambler’s house, joking and laughing – he even played football on the Sunday. But then he was gone. It was in…


Culture Of Kindness: Roskilde Festival – What Other Festivals Could Learn From Denmark’s Unique Event

In the middle of a crowded Danish field, a stone stands alone, standing guard over nine young trees. There is an inscription with a lyric borrowed from a song by Sting, ‘How fragile we are.’ It is testament to the tragedy of 2000, when nine Roskilde festival-goers were fatally crushed during a set by Pearl…


I Didn’t Sleep

I didn’t sleep. For the two nights that you spent making your descent into the world, your pushes and shoves becoming more insistent as you drew ever closer to your journey’s end. ‘Mummy,’ your sharp movements told me as you determinedly moved forward. ‘I’m coming. I need you.’ As you made your tricky traverse, your…