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Piers Morgan Slams Mum Who Demanded Friend Pay For Daughter’s Scuffed Boots, On ‘Good Morning Britain’

Piers Morgan criticised a mum on live TV for billing a parent £325 when her daughter came home from a friend’s house with scuffs on her boots. Sarah Louise Bryan, 28, had messaged the mother to explain how unhappy she was that the shoes could not be “fixed” as they were “Italian fine leather”. Morgan…

How Two Grieving Mums ‘Automatically Had A Connection’ Thanks To This Heart-Shaped Necklace

Two grieving mothers were brought together by a heart-shaped necklace, even though they were “complete strangers”. One of the mums, named PJ-Darl Rivera Macalintal‎, was on the till at her pharmacy when a lady told her how beautiful her necklace was. The heart-shaped pendant featured two footprints on it, in memory of a baby she had…

Toys ‘R’ Us To Hold Christmas Shopping Events For Families Affected By Autism

Toys “R” Us has announced it will be holding additional Christmas shopping hours specifically for families affected by autism and special needs.  The toy shop hopes to provide a positive experience for children with autism, who may struggle under normal conditions in store. Lights will be slightly dimmed and fluorescent lighting will be reduced where…

Breastfeeding Tattoos: 12 Beautiful Designs That Will Make You Want To Get Inked

Women who choose to breastfeed often say how they miss nursing their children once they’ve grown up. So some mums have permanently documented that precious mother-baby time by getting themselves inked with gorgeous tattoos. Now, they have a permanent reminder of that unique bond they had when feeding their child. Suggest a correction