NHS May Have Helped To Prevent A Recession-Related Spike In Cancer Deaths, Study Reveals

Hundreds of thousands of cancer deaths around the world may have occurred thanks to the recession – but the NHS may have meant Britons weren’t as badly affected. Unemployment and austerity were associated with more than 260,000 extra deaths of cancer patients in countries belonging to the Organisation for Economic Development (OECD), a study has shown….

Children Can Be Identified As ‘Future Criminals’ Through Brain Tests Aged Three, Study Suggests

Tests can predict whether children as young as three will grow up to be criminals, claim a disproportionate amount of benefits or be obese, a 35-year study suggests. Scientists from King’s College London believe society could intervene to give these kids “better chances” after studying a group of more than 1,000 people until they were 38….

Mums Strip Off To Fight Body-Shaming In The ‘Humans Uncensored Project’

A mum who photographed herself naked in a stand against body-shaming, has inspired other mothers to strip down to their underwear to help bring up their children to be body confident. Lacey Barratt describes herself as “fiercely passionate about bodies” and her ‘Humans Uncensored Project’ features bodies in all their glory. “My reasoning for doing this? I would…

H&M Foundation Offers €1m Grant For Ideas To Make Fashion Industry More Sustainable

HuffPost The H&M Foundation is offering a million euro grant for innovators with ideas about how to make fashion more sustainable. Now in its second year, the foundation’s Global Change Awards take on one of the biggest challenges facing the fashion industry today – creating clothes for a growing population, while improving its impact on the…